Carrie Wei

Carrie Wei attended University of Toronto Schools and is now a third year student at Queen’s University studying Life Sciences. Carrie was a summer student in the laboratory of Dr. Susan Done at the University of Toronto Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology and will be continuing her research this coming summer. In breast cancer, we see a high degree of temporal and spatial heterogeneity, both of which needs to be taken into consideration when treating an individual. Carrie investigated the heterogeneity of circulator tumour cell signature in primary and metastatic breast tumours. She hopes that this work will be able to influence the medical community on biopsy techniques to get a better understanding of a tumour at large.

Carrie has always been interested in science, but her passion for cancer research stemmed from her grandmother’s passing in 2013. She had a hemangiopericytoma, but was misdiagnosed because this type of tumour is so rare. Carrie is excited to join RIOT and to do her part in sharing the advances made at Queen’s University to the local community.