Kelly Brennan

kellyKelly Brennan is a recent graduate of the Master’s in Epidemiology program at Queen’s University. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Biomedical Science at the University of Ottawa in 2014. Her research interests include the use of population-based studies to evaluate and enhance delivery and efficiency of health care for cancer patients, and the use of pragmatic clinical trials to translate scientific evidence into achievable clinical practice. Currently, Kelly is working as a statistical analyst at Cancer Care and Epidemiology at Queen’s University within a multidisciplinary team that conducts health services research.

After a patient has completed successful cancer treatment, they continue to have regular checkup appointments to manage and monitor their health. This is also known as routine follow-up care. For some types of cancers, it is unknown how often these appointments should be scheduled for patients and for how many years the appointments should continue. Kelly’s Master’s research explored follow-up care for head and neck cancer patients, using an approach that is applicable to all types of cancer. The main goals of her project were to assess how patients feel about their follow-up appointments and to examine current patterns of follow-up care. Since completing her degree, Kelly has been disseminating her research findings to inform patient care and foster more research in this area.

Outside of research, Kelly enjoys staying active, spending time with her two poodle mixes, volunteering at the local hospitals, and participating in outreach initiatives with the Research Information Outreach Team (RIOT) to help make cancer research more accessible to the community.