Mathieu Crupi

mat-2Mathieu J.F. Crupi was born in Ottawa, Canada, where he attended Macdonald-Cartier Academy and Ashbury College. He later moved to Kingston and received his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biology, with a minor in Italian, at Queen’s University in 2010. He is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at the Queen’s Cancer Research Institute.

His research focuses on the regulation of the RET receptor, a protein found on the surface of cells that initiates cell growth, survival and movement. In some cancers, such as tumours of the thyroid gland, lung, breast or pancreas, signals from RET can help the tumour grow and spread to distant sites. Mathieu is interested in understanding how this protein moves within the cell and is down-regulated because the RET receptor has been shown to be important for many different cancer types and could lead to novel therapeutic approaches to treat cancer. Mathieu has presented his research at multiple national and international conferences. His motivation to pursue cancer research stems from witnessing the strength of his late grandmother while she battled lung cancer.

In addition to helping organize RIOT initiatives, such as Let’s Talk Cancer, Mathieu served as Co-President of the Queen’s Relay (2015-2016) at Queen’s University, and has volunteered for numerous cancer-related charities. He is also committed to mentoring and teaching young scientists. Mathieu has joined the Canadian Cancer Society Research Information Outreach Team (RIOT) to continue to make a positive impact for students at Queen’s and in the Kingston community.