Nilita Sood

Born and raised in India, Nilita Sood moved to Kingston to attend Queen’s University. In 2015, she completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Life Sciences, with a specialization in cardiorespiratory sciences. She is a recent graduate of the Master of Science (Experimental Medicine) program. Her graduate research focused on the bronchodilating and bronchoprotective effects of deep inspirations in improving lung function in individuals with asthma, chronic cough and in healthy individuals. The main goal of her project was to assess the differences in the sensory and mechanical responses to high-dose methacholine in the presence and absence of deep breaths. Chronic cough is a common observation in asthma clinics and often overlaps with the existence of asthma. Her project helped elucidate some physiological differences between asthma and chronic cough and since defending her thesis in August 2017, Nilita has been working on publishing her research findings to improve patient diagnosis and care and foster further research in this area.
After her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Nilita developed a special interest in cancer research and clinical trials. Currently, she is working with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group at Queen’s University within a multidisciplinary team that carries out clinical trials in cancer therapy, supportive care and prevention across Canada and internationally. Because of her background in teaching and youth outreach, Nilita joined the Kingston Research Information Outreach Team (RIOT) to promote cancer education and awareness in the Queen’s and Kingston community. 
In addition to her academic and professional pursuits, Nilita is passionate about issues facing immigrant and Indigenous populations in Canada. She also leads the Kingston chapter of I Love First Peoples that not only bridges Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to promote awareness and reconciliation but also empowers Indigenous children and youth across Canada to succeed through education and the motivation to stay in school. She also enjoys cuddling with her cat, doing hot yoga and watching Netflix with a mug of hot chocolate.