Sarah Maritan

Sarah Maritan recently completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences at Queen’s University in 2016. She is currently an MSc candidate in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at Queen’s and is part of the Collaborative Graduate Program in Cancer Research. Sarah’s research began in her undergraduate degree, where she developed a model to assess cancer cell invasion as part of her fourth year thesis project. This undergraduate work acted as a stepping stone for her current research which focuses on perineural invasion; the process by which cancer cells invade along nerves. Specifically, Sarah is investigating how RET, a cell surface protein which promotes cancer cell movement and growth, is involved in neuronal invasion of colon cancer. Her graduate research is funded by the Terry Fox Foundation Training Program in Transdisciplinary Cancer Research in partnership with CIHR. Through her undergraduate career, Sarah was avidly involved with raising both funds and awareness regarding ongoing cancer research. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue this outreach as a graduate student through RIOT.