Veronica Youssef

Veronica Youssef is a fourth year student at Queen’s University studying Life Sciences Veronica was a summer student in Dr. Raptis’ lab in the department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences and is currently working on her fourth year thesis project in the same lab. Her project focuses on the role of Src in the activation of Stat3α and its isoform Stat3ß since the inappropriate activation of Stat3 is a survival signal and its activation can lead to tumour development. Also, Stat3 occurs with high frequency in some cancers.

Her interest in cancer research was sparked after volunteering in the oncology ward of Kingston General Hospital where she got to assist many cancer patients. Veronica is very excited to be part of RIOT and can’t wait to help bring awareness to the Queen’s and Kingston community about the progress and promise of cancer research!